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Mayton Wireless CarPlay Adapter For Apple

Mayton Wireless CarPlay Adapter For Apple

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About this item

  • WIRELESS CARPLAY ADAPTER - Connect your iPhone to CarPlay using the Mayton wireless Apple CarPlay adapter. Utilize the convenience of Apple CarPlay by linking your iPhone to the car display. With automatic daily updates, no need to worry about manually updating this device.
  • QUICK AND EASY CONNECTION - Simply plug in the CarPlay Dongle, set up the Auto Pro, and start using your favorite navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze instead of your normal GPS navigation for car directions. Our adapter connects to your iPhone automatically once the car ignition starts so no need to take your phone out for better car organization
  • HIGH QUALITY CAR AUDIO - The 5 GHz WiFi communicates between your car and iPhone fast for crystal clear car audio. Unlike a normal Bluetooth car adapter or other wireless car adapters, the Auto Pro Car Play adapter was designed with audio in mind so the user can experience the highest sound quality without any connection interruptions.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ANY CAR MODEL - The Auto Pro will automatically adjust to the car screen as long as the screen is between 7 to 14.5 inches. This Car Play dongle is also Siri and Google Assistant compatible so even older car models can use the newest technology instead of listening to your car stereo with bluetooth.
  • SLIM AND COMPACT DESIGN - The sleek look of this device provides an wireless Apple CarPlay connection without visible wires or mess. This Apple CarPlay wireless adapter is one of the most useful car accessories to improve your driving experience by displaying your navigation app from your iPhone, delivering quality music experience, and using voice control to make calls and send messages.
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